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Teen charged

HIGH LEVEL - Two days after High Level RCMP launched a suspicious death investigation, officers have charged Tyrell Peecheemow, 18, with second-degree murder.  The identity of the 20-year-old victim, as well as his cause of death, have yet to be released.  (CTV)

5th suspect arrested

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE -  Gordon Strawberry, was attacked and beaten while at a house party on the O'Chiese Reserve.  Terrance Andy Beaverbones, Darcy Johny Lightfoot, Evan Ernest Foureyes, Melvina Jean Beaverbones, and Jenny Olivia Beaverbones, have been charged with second-degree murder.  (CTV)  


Victim linked to drug trade

TORONTO - Sultan Dailey, 20, was shot in the head and a passerby discovered his body in the Close Ave parkette.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Body found near school   Shooting  

Guilty plea

WINNIPEG - Peter Ronnie Taylor, 22, died following a confrontation on the reserve on Sept. 12, 2008.  The accused cannot be named because he was a youth at the time of the killing.  (QMI)


'Infanticide' no defence for murder

TORONTO - Mothers charged with murdering their newborn babies should not be allowed to use infanticide as a defence and receive a drastically reduced sentence.  (CP)  MORE:  Is 'infanticide' a legitimate defence?

15 years

ST JOHN'S - Convicted killer David Folker, the NS man found guilty of second-degree murder in the July 2010 death of his girlfriend Ann Marie Shirran, will be in prison for at least 15 years.  (CBC)  MORE:  15 years   Guilty   Man charged   Boyfriend charged   Body is Shirran



TORONTO -  Police said Dori Sanaj, 21, was stabbed after an argument with an unidentified man in one of the elevators of a highrise building at 500 Scarlett Rd at about 6:30pm.   (Toronto Star)   PREVIOUS:   Stabbing   Man dies following stabbing

Suspect arrested

GOD'S LAKE - Officers were called to a residence in the area around 10:30am on Sept 23 and found Flora Ann Trout, 44, of God's Lake Narrows, and announced the arrest of 46-year-Joseph Ben Ross. (CTV)  PREVIOUS:  Death treated as homicide  


Car surfing death, wasn't

QUEBEC CITY –  Marie-France Rheaume, 40, was found on a residential street on Aug 10.  Police initially said the victim had been riding on the roof or hood of a Chevy Blazer, but it’s now more likely that she flipped onto the roof after the truck struck her.  (QMI)   MORE:  Martial conflict

Drifter charged

OTTAWA - 73-year-old Larry Chartier's lifeless body was discovered in the bedroom of his Sandy Hill community housing unit early in the morning on March 16.  Michael Douglas Scales is now charged with one count of second-degree murder.   (CTV)  MORE:  Wheelchair-bound senior murdered 


Guilty plea

OTTAWA - Simon Banke, 22, admitted he was driving dangerously fast and out of control before he struck Paul and Sherianne Regnierat at a bus stop in downtown Ottawa in September 2010.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:  Driver facing charges

2.5 years

OTTAWA - Kareem Alli, 19, got a sentence of 2 1/2 years in the penitentiary for dangerous driving causing the death of 18-year-old Christian “Sisco” Williams while street racing in Ottawa on June 22, 2010. (QMI)   MORE:  Man sentenced   Guilty


Suitcase suspect arrested

LONDON - The fugitive suspected of killing a Canadian singer in 1999 and stuffing her body inside a suitcase at London's Heathrow Airport has been arrested in Bahrain.  Youssef Ahmed Wahid was arrested by Bahrain officials in a planned operation, British police said.   (CBC)   MORE:  Arrest in suitcase murder    

9+ years

CALGARY - Stacey Joy Bourdeaux killed her infant son in 2004 and tried to smother her five-year-old son in 2010.  That son is now unable to speak, walk or eat without a tube and is not expected to live more than another year.   (CBC)   MORE:  Slaying detailed   Guilty plea  


2nd degree

WINNIPEG - Gerald Dumas, 47, died in hospital more than 2 weeks after the attack.  Following the incident, Gaston Leroy Genaille, 19, was charged.  (CTV)   MORE:   Man dies from his injuries   Witness describes ordeal   Man set on fire

Wrong man

TORONTO - Jahmeel Spence was shot while attending a family barbecue in a townhouse complex on Sept. 10, 2010.  (CTV)   MORE:  Wrong target   Shooting at family BBQ   Shooting   Brother of murder victim killed   Family rocked by murder for 2nd time  


Guilty plea

OTTAWA - Stephanie Mary Young pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of Stephanie Couture on Nov. 24, 2007.  (QMI) 


TORONTO - Police identified Jerome Leigh Ellington, 25, as the homicide victim.    (CTV)   MORE:  1 shot dead


Police release video

TORONTO - On Aug. 24, police responded to a gunshots call in the Cather Crescent and Trafford Lane area.  They found Randy Anthony Malcolm, 24, at the rear of 41 Cather Cres suffering from gunshot wounds to the head. He later died in Sunnybrook hospital.  (CTV)

Reward offered

ORANGEVILLE - OPP are offering $50,000 for information that will help them solve the murder of Sonia Varaschin, 42.  Her body was found in a wooded area off Beech Grove Sideroad in Caledon on Sept 5, 2010.  (CityNews)  PREVIOUS:  Remains missing woman   'Most likely someone who knew her'   'Foul play'  


Guilty plea

PORT HOPE - Catherine Andrus, 53, was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 12 years for pummeling Michel Leblanc to death with an aluminum baseball bat.    (QMI)   MORE:   2nd degree plea   Woman sentenced

Charges laid

CAYUGA - Police say Charles Agbajoh, of Milton, Ont., was killed on Nov. 2, 2008, and his body was found near Hagersville in April 2009.  Elyton Brandon Guy, 24, has been charged with first-degree murder.  (CP)


12 years

SUDBURY - A Sudbury man has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the stabbing death of his wife and has received a sentence of 12 years in jail.  Denis Guerin, 49, wiped tears from his eyes as the details of what happened last September were read before a Sudbury court.  (CBC)   MORE:  'Maybe I loved her too much'     'Nice people'

Alleged sister killing

WINNIPEG - The 18-year-old victim, Paige Chelsea Moloi-Straightnose, was stabbed in the chest inside a Winnipeg home shortly after 8pm Friday and died in hospital soon after.  Her sister, 21-year-old Nebula Niome Moloi-Straightnose, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.  (QMI)  MORE:  Sister stabbing


FBI arrest man

BRACEBRIDGE - Todd Andrew Howley, 48, was wanted by the OPP for the first-degree murder of Paul Maasland, 55, whose bound body was discovered in a Bracebridge boat launch.  (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:  Homicide   Man murdered, dumped  

Another guilty plea

ST THOMAS -  Tina Ellis pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact - her husband Daniel Belding admitted to killing Jason Farro on Aug. 29, 2010.  PREVIOUS:   Guilty plea   Couple charged   Foul play   Comedian killed   Death ruled murder 


6 years

LAVAL - Robert Belanger was sentenced to 6 years in prison for killing Ronia Mansourian with his car.  Judge Gilles Garneau ordered Belanger to serve 5 years for dangerous driving causing death as well as 1 year for leaving the scene of an accident, which occurred September 3, 2010.    (CTV)

Teen charged in double stabbing

TORONTO -  Police say Nelson Carreira, 40, was fatally wounded during a fight that spilled out of a bar on Lansdowne Ave.  Joseph Blandon, 19, of Toronto, faces one count of second-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.  (QMI)  PREVIOUS:  Stabbing   Arrest after stabbing


Stabbing victim identified

PEMBROKE - Peter Blaedow, of Laurentian Valley Township, died in hospital following a reported disturbance.  Garry Decker, 28, is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.  (CTV) 

High-rise death

WINNIPEG - Officers were called about an injured female in the 500 block of St Mary Ave in downtown Winnipeg around 3:20am on Aug. 29.   Officers identified the victim as Kylie Fay Dawn Armishaw, 22, of Winnipeg.   (CTV)    


Person of interest

BRAMPTON - Darren McLean, 23, was killed at his home on Wickstead Court on August 21, 2010. Michael McIntosh, 20, and David Henry Thomas, 24, were both arrested on Dec 24.  (CityNews) PREVIOUS:  Arrest   2nd man charged   Victim identified   Shooting 


WINNIPEG - A man has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for a fatal stabbing sparked by a fight over $10.  Leonard Murdock, 25, was convicted of manslaughter in the August 2010 killing of Derek Spence, 24.   (QMI)  PREVIOUS:   Arrest   Group stabbed victim


Baby dies

LONDON, Ont. - Police are hunting for Rourke Desmanche, the father of an infant who has now died in a Londonhospital after being found not breathing in a city home in early August.  (QMI)

Unfit to stand trial

VERNON - Kenneth Barter, who suffers from schizophrenia, had been facing a 2nd degree murder charge in the death of Nathan Mayrhofer, 32.   (CP)   PREVIOUS:  Victim identified



CALGARY - Killing her baby after a night of drinking with friends has landed Shelby Herchak a five-and-a-half-year prison term.   (QMI)   MORE:   5.5 years    Sentenced   Mother pleads guilty    

Arrest made

OTTAWA - Police have charged 22-year-old Adrian Daou with 1st degree murder in connection with the death of 36-year-old Jennifer Stewart.  (CTV)   MORE:   Man charged   Living in fear   Death a homicide  


Suspect live in home for abused

LONDON, ON - Police haven't said whether it was Keeley Dianne Shipway, 18, or Sasha Ireland, 21 - both charged with second-degree murder - living in the second-stage housing apartment building, operated by Women's Community House.  Troy Nicholas, 23, was found stabbed in the parking lot.  Ireland's brother, Fred Doxtator-Ireland, 18, is charged with manslaughter in the death.   (QMI)

Plea bargain

WINNIPEG - Manitoba justice officials say they were forced to choose between cutting a sweet deal with a former Hells Angels member or risk losing everything in a high-profile homicide case.  Billy Bowden ,34, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for his role in the November 2007 stabbing death of Jeff Engen, 24, inside the Empire Cabaret on Main Street.  (Winnipeg Free Press)   



CORNER BROOK - Jeffery Tippett was charged after a baby in his care suffered a serious head injury. Tameron Rose was 11-months when he died in January 2007.  (CBC)   MORE:  Guilty of manslaughter    Police admits mishandling evidence   Tippett case

Homicide probe

EDMONTON - Martin Cook of Grande Prairie and Kenneth Carlson of Hines Creek were reported missing Aug. 14.  A body was found in a remote spot west of the community Aug. 20.   Carlson has been charged with second-degree murder.  (QMI)   MORE:  Missing found  



Psych rehab

SHERBROOKE - Rejeanne Pelletier-Charette was killed in August 2010.  Following a psychiatric evaluation the teenager pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:    Body found  

Not guilty

SASKATOON - Eunice Wudrich, the Aberdeen, SK, woman who was accused of criminal negligence in the death of foster child Evander Daniels has been found not guilty.  (CBC)   MORE:   Not guilty  


Guilty plea

HALIFAX - Jason Wayne MacRae has admitted to strangling his wife, Paula Gallant.  Gallant, 36, was found dead in the trunk of her car on Dec. 28, 2005.  (CBC)  MORE:  Sting operation    Arrest made   Paula Gallant   

Child killer

WINNIPEG - A Manitoba teen slashed a 9-year-old boy's throat just to see him die, a court heard.   Tristian Dunsford died June 28, 2008, in Little Grand Rapids, Man. (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Babysitter admits killing boy


Suspect charged

WINNIPEG - Officers have identified the victim as Nathan Kayseass, 24.  Police have charged Sesar Edgardo Romero, 22, of Winnipeg with second-degree murder.   (CTV)   MORE:  Death & destruction   Stepbrother charged

Woman charged

LONDON, ON - 5-month-old Brookelyn Hopkins was rushed unresponsive to Hospital on Aug. 8.  The child died the following day.  OPP have charged Melissa Garland with failing to provide the necessities of life.   (CTV) 


Guilty plea

WINNIPEG - Mary Ellen Thomas, 31, admitted to second-degree murder for the July 2010 slaying of 62-year-old Michael Allan inside his city home.  MORE:  Woman pleads guilty    Sentenced for stabbing death   Police pre-empted from murder scene   Woman arrested at scene   Stabbing  

3 teens charged

TORONTO - 3 teens are accused of murder after another teen's bullet-riddled body was found in the Humber River.  The arrests kicked off with a 17-year-old boy who was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Andrew "Philly" Dowden, 17.  (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Shot, dumped in river    Teen identified  


Man turns himself in

TORONTO - Marko Pandurevic, 22, allegedly confronted Dimitry Savenkov, 25, on his way to his apartment, and stabbed him.  (CityNews)  PREVIOUS:  'Dead man walking'  

Stabbing death

MONTREAL - Abdul Hannan, 26, was killed after breaking up a fight following a celebration for Pakistan's independence day.   (CTV)   MORE:  Brawl stabbing death


Dayhome operator sentenced

MEDICINE HAT - Erin Jackman was originally charged with manslaughter in the death of Mercedes Pepper but pleaded guilty to criminal negligence back in Sept.  The child suffered fatal head injuries while at Jackman’s home in the summer of 2010.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Charge upgraded   Blunt force trauma   


PETERBOROUGH - Police collared Etienne Beaulieu, 21, after a massive manhunt that included a police helicopter and heat sensors. The hunt was sparked hours earlier when his mother, Isabel Robitaille, 49, was stabbed at her home. She was pronounced dead at hospital.  (QMI)   MORE:  Charged  


Bar stabbing

BARRIE - The victim is Troy Lush, 23, from Innisfil, Ont.  Jeffrey Surgenor, 23, faces charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault.   (CTV)  MORE:  Bar fight

Victim lured to his death

TORONTO - Nate Thompson was shot in the head outside a Sheppard Ave. W townhouse complex.  (QMI)  PREVIOUS:    Victim identified   Victim named


15 years

ST JOSEPH DE COLERAINE - Eddy Rivest received 15 years  after pleading guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter after killing Roland Hardy at a mine near Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine.  Hardy’s colleagues found him dead on July 23, 2010.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Arrest made   Security guard murdered   Tribute to Roland Hardy

2nd man charged

OXFORD HOUSE -  RCMP received a report of a male who had been seriously assaulted and was found along a roadway on the First Nation.  The victim has been identified as Scott Elvis Bradburn, 30, of Oxford House First Nation.   Jake Bradburn, 18, and  Michael Bradburn, 21, face charges of manslaughter.   (CTV)  PREVIOUS:  Teen charged


Woman charged

BERENS RIVER - Lois Corrine Cook, 36, was charged with manslaughter in connection with 32-year-old Dave Hudson's July 2010 death.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Victim stabbed, run over


HALIFAX - Kale Leonard Gabriel, 25, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Ryan Matthew White.    (CBC)   MORE:  Ryan Matthew White   Man charged


Arrests made

TORONTO - David Darcy, 37, was killed on July 14.  Nicole Linda Gagner, 29, is charged with accessory after the fact to murder.   2 men have been charged with first degree murder. Sharmake Abdi, 26, was arrested on July 25, Anthony Wong, 29, was arrested on July 27.  (CityNews)   PREVIOUS:   Police seek suspect   Wong cleared in 2001 murder   Police ID suspects   Warrants issued

Not guilty verdict

WINNIPEG - Nicholas Somers, 29, was found not guilty of manslaughter for the July 2010 tragedy at Bar Italia.  Jurors clearly accepted the claim by Somers he acted in self-defence. Gary Rent, 33, died after being punched in the head, falling to the ground and suffering a traumatic brain injury.  (Winnipeg Free Press)  MORE:  Bouncer found not guilty   Not guilty   Bouncer charged   Man dies


'Do you know who?'

REGINA - Police found the decomposed bodies of Gray Nay Htoo, 31, his wife Maw Maw, 28, and their son Seven June Htoo, 3, in a townhouse in a public housing complex at 323 Oakview Dr in the city's north end.  (QMI)   MORE:   3 bodies found  

Fatal fire treated as homicide

WINNIPEG - The body of Patrick Gallagher, 90, was found inside the residence on Ash Ave following a fire on Aug. 6, said RCMP.  An autopsy was carried out on Aug. 7 and determined the victim died from smoke inhalation. (CTV)  

Wanted surrenders

TORONTO -  George Rucinski, 59, who also went by the name Jerzy, was found dead near Roncesvalles Ave & Dundas St W April 4.  Stephen Downey, 49, turned himself in at 11 Division station with his lawyer.  (Toronto Star)  

Suspect surrenders  

Warrant issued  

Appealing for tips  

Homicide probe   

Body found  

Police investigate



2 murders, suicide

MONTREAL - A retired Montreal pizza delivery man, distraught that his relationship with his girlfriend might be slipping away, killed their two young boys before committing suicide, police say.   Police suspect their father Jacques Tanguay, 73, caused the deaths of the two boys, Anthony, 7, and Gabriel, 1, before taking his own life.  (CTV)   (CTV)   MORE:  3 found dead

Arrests made

TORONTO - Anthony Wong, 29, of Brampton, was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder.  Police arrested Sharmake Abdi, 26, of Toronto and charged him with first-degree murder.  Both arrests are connected to the death of 37-year-old David Darcy.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  2 men wanted in stabbing death   Knife attack   Stabbing victim dies   Police hunt for clues




TORONTO - Police have released video and still images of the two vehicles the gun-toting thugs were allegedly spotted in as they “lay in wait” last Friday night for the two friends to arrive home at 360 Pitfield Rd.   Yousuf Sulub, 26, and a 28-year-old man arrived home at 11:22pm.   (Toronto Sun)  PREVIOUS:  Shooting   1 dead in shooting

Suspect a childhood friend   

DUNCAN - Tyeshia Jones, 18, was found dead after disappearing on her way to meet a friend at a Duncan grocery store. William Gordon Robert Elliott was arrested in connection to her death as well as that of Karrie Ann Stone, whose badly burned remains were found in a wooded area outside of Duncan in 2010.   (CTV)



Teen gunned down

TORONTO - The boy, identified by friends as Chris "Splitz" Tshilombo, 17, was in the parking lot behind St Nedela Macedonian Orthodox Church when an argument broke out between a group of people at about 1:20am.  (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Teen shot behind church   Shooting at church   Boy shot 

Suspect charged

WINNIPEG - David Boulanger, 28, also known as Divas B, was found murdered on November 4, 2004. David Boulanger lived as a woman and worked in the sex trade.  Theodore Raymond Herntier, 40, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder.  (CTV)

Charges re-activated

EDMONTON - First-degree murder charges have been re-activated against Travis Vader in the case of two Alberta seniors who went missing during a motorhome expedition more than four years ago.  Lyle and Marie McCann were last seen alive on July 3, 2010.  (CTV)   Charges reactivated

Murder charges stayed

Freed from jail

Charges stayed 


Jail 'probably destroyed my life'   


Malicious prosecution


Vader charged

No bodies

Questioning appears to be over

Vader arrested

Foul play suspected

Tip mishandled

Search intensifies 

5th suspect arrested

TORONTO - Adrian Ducas, 17, was at the Malton Community Centre on July 3 as two basketball games were being played.   Peel Police say several men arrived at the centre around 8:30pm and began fighting with the victim.   Ducas was fatally wounded.   (CTV) 

5th arrest  

Suspect was out on bail, again

Police investigating murder  

Murder in Malton  

Teen shot dead on basketball court



Man charged

WOOD LAKE - Ian Charles Borbely, 35, is accused of murdering Samantha Collins, 29, whose body was discovered near a Bracebridge, ON.   (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Human remains identified   Homicide   Mom searches

Man died of gunshot wound

TORONTO - Dianthony Evans, 19, of Toronto, was rushed to hospital after being shot in the city's east end.   He died in hospital.   (CP)   MORE:  Victim identified   Teen dies in hospital

Car wash owner gunned down

TORONTO - Identified as Emad Rozik by patrons and staff at an adjacent coffee shop the victim was shot around 1pm.  (QMI)  MORE:   Confrontation preceded shooting

Brawl now murder

TRURO - Dustan Joseph Preeper was charged with manslaughter in the death of Ben Hare, 26.  (CBC)  MORE:  Security tight at arraignment



Guilty plea

OTTAWA - Serial killer Camille Cleroux, 58, was arrested after Paula Leclair, 64, vanished in May 2010.  Common-law wife Jean Rock, 32, disappeared in 2003 - her body was never found. And ex-wife Lise Roy's bones were disinterred from beneath a tomato garden at Cleroux's old home. She had been missing since 1990.  (QMI)

Bones were ex-wife

Cops dig for bodies  


Human remains in backyard

Drifter' eyed  

Wives vanished years ago  

Cops fear worst   

Search on

Caregivers get jail terms

EDMONTON - Denise and Michael Scriven have been ordered to serve 20 months in jail for their roles in the death of Denise's mentally disabled sister, Betty Anne Gagnon.  (CBC)    MORE:   20 months   Couple pleads guilty   Caregivers plead to lesser charges   Caregivers charged    Betty Anne Gagnon 

Police seeking witnesses

TORONTO - The murder happened just after 3am at the Excellent Cantonese Seafood restaurant at 263 Spadina Ave.  The young victim, Tien Pham, was reportedly sitting at the back of the restaurant with other people when he was shot in the head.   (CityNews)   MORE:  Witnesses wanted   Victim identified


VICTORIA - Cory Barry, 43, stabbed Justin Wendland twice in the chest at a Victoria bus stop in June 2010.  (CBC) MORE:   Killer taunts victim's mother    Charge laid  

Police search for suspect

MONTREAL - Sylvain Maheu, 48, is accused of killing a 19-year-old man who was walking with a friend on Joliette St.   (CTV)   PREVIOUS:  Murder occurs  



Guilty plea

WINNIPEG - Jheruel Mananghaya pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the fatal shooting of Darren Walsh.  Walsh, 24, was standing at a Main Street bus stop in Winnipeg on July 4, 2010 when he was gunned down.   (CTV)

Suspect charged

Connection found

Shot at random

Bus station shooting

Bus-stop shooting

Man gunned down



More murder charges

KENTVILLE - The Montreal police service laid first-degree murder charges against Leslie Douglas Greenwood in the deaths of Kirk Murray, 47, and Antonio Onesi, 51.  Murray and Onesi were shot in the parking lot of a Montreal McDonald's in January 2010.  (CP) 


Guilty in double murder  

Brothers plead guilty

Life sentence

4th arrest

2 new murder charges

3rd murder charge

2 teens charged

GARDEN HILL - RCMP identified the victim of the fatal incident as Terence James Fiddler of Garden Hill First Nation.  Two 16-year-old suspects have been charged with manslaughter.  (CTV)

Couple found guilty

BRAMPTON - A jury found Fedrick and Elizabeth Gayle guilty.  Tiffany Gayle, 15, was found dead in a bathtub in the family’s home on June 12, 2010.   (CP)   PREVIOUS:   Parents charged



Canada wide warrant

WINNIPEG - Dylan Ferland, 18, was shot twice while standing outside of a friend's house.  On Sept. 30, police charged William Evan LaPorte, 21, and Dillion Douglas Lecoy, 18, with first-degree murder in connection with the death.  Stephan Mitchell McKay, 32, is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant.  (CTV)  MORE:  Victim wasn't a gang member

Person of interest

TORONTO - Police said that Fashar Badakhshad, 27, is currently their only person of interest.  Badakhshad was also injured in the July 2 fire at a 502 Huron St rooming house. A 24-year-old woman at the scene was found to have died of stab wounds and burns to her body.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:  Suspicious circumstances   Suspicious fire



Victim named

TORONTO -The shooting occurred at a strip mall at Keele St.  Police say that about 200 people, who were in the mall's parking lot, are potential witnesses.  The victim has been identified as Kyle Clarke. (CTV)   MORE:  Canada Day killing  Strip plaza shooting   Man gunned down  

Not guilty

BRAMPTON - Justice Kenneth Langdon found Gurjant Singh Sidhu not guilty of two counts of criminal negligence causing death.  Isabel and Vanessa DiCeglie were killed in Spetember 2007 when the Honda Civic they were travelling in was hit by a fully-loaded gravel truck.  (QMI)   

Death by tractor

KINCARDINE - Police say Sareena Denesiuk, 26, was struck and killed by a tractor.  April Smith, 27, was also hit be the vehicle, and rushed to a London, Ont. hospital where she remains in serious condition.  Laurie Porteous, 48, has been charged with second degree murder and attempted murder.  (CP)

Fiance charged

MISSISSAUGA - The body of 38-year-old Charmaine Whitley was found inside her suburban Toronto home after police arrived to check on her well-being.  Whitley's body was found with "obvious signs of trauma".  Her 44-year-old fiance, Timothy Turosky, was arrested.  (QMI)

7 years

BELLEVILLE - Michael Brooks pleaded guilty in December to manslaughter in the death of Jesse Archer of Warkworth, Ont.  (CTV)  PREVIOUS:   Man charged

Murder charge

KINGSTON - An 18-year-old man has been arrested and charged in relation to the death of Kenneth Sweet.  Dustin Slater is charged with murder.  (CTV)  



Teen arrested

MONTREAL - The 15-year-old was in Varennes when he called police Monday morning from his cell phone, and said there was a woman's body at the family home on Albert-Lauzeau St. (CTV)   MORE:  Police find woman dead after 911 call  

Victim identified

TORONTO - Police discovered the body of Barbara Starkey-Brailsford, 78, on June 30.  Her son, Thomas Brailsford, 49, has been charged with first-degree murder.  (CityNews)  PREVIOUS:  Body found   Arrest after body found   Son allegedly kills his mother 



10 years

CALGARY - The youth who murdered Adam Cavanagh 5 years ago was sentenced to an adult term of life in prison.  Mark Morales, now 22, must serve a minimum 10 years behind bars.   (QMI)  MORE:  Guilty   Arrest made  

Arrest made

OSHAWA - Derrick Brooks, 32, died of his injuries.  Christopher Lee Dwyer, 26, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder.   (CP)   PREVIOUS:  Shooting   Out of control party


KELOWNA - Joelon Verma,  32, has been found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2010 slaying of Brittney Irving.  Verma was automatically sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years.  (Castanet)   MORE:   Former Independent Soldier charged   Arrest   Remains discovered 

Assault now a homicide

TORONTO - Terry Rideout, 35, of Toronto was assaulted early on the morning of Saturday, June 12 near Lake Shore Boulevard West and Islington Ave.  Jason Miller, 30, of Toronto was charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.  (CTV)

Man charged

THORSBY - A 33-year-old man has been charged with second-degree murder after a 61-year-old man was shot and killed during an alleged altercation at a house party.  Vincent Desmond Kakakaway has been remanded into custody.  The dispute led to 61-year-old Bruce Carstairs getting shot, and he died as a result of his injuries.  (CTV)

2nd man charged

In July 1999, 24-year-old Scott Barnett died at Millhaven Institution.   An autopsy found he had been poisoned with cyanide.  Phillip Vince, 52, who was a Millhaven inmate at the time Barnett died, was arrested in March and charged with first-degree murder.  The OPP also arrested James Maclean, 34, in Peterborough and charged him with first-degree murder.  (CTV)  



'This was no honour killing'

BRAMPTON - Kamikar Singh Dhillon claims he killed his daughter-in-law because he suspected she was going to leave her husband and disgrace the family.  (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:   Guilty plea   Killer 'ruined our family'   Father-in-law charged   Woman ID'd  


KELOWNA - The youth convicted in the death of 16-year-old Ashlee Hyatt at a house party in Peachland 2 years ago was sentenced to a year-and-a-half of custody.  (CTV)   PREVIOUS:   Guilty   Accused found guilty   Manslaughter conviction   Stabbed at a house party



Appeal for tips

TORONTO - Justice Ferrigno, 16, was killed in the area of Bathurst and St. Clair Avenues around midnight after becoming involved in an altercation at a park near Hillcrest Junior Public School.   (CTV)   MORE:  Victim identified   Police identify stabbed teen   Victim stabbed    Police seek suspect

Guilty verdict

TORONTO - A jury found devout Christian Patrick Barrett, 41, guilty of second-degree murder in the bizarre bludgeoning death of Lucita Charles, 27, his girlfriend in May 2010.  (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Man admits killing   Suspect turns himself in   Police arrest suspect   Mother slain



Manslaughter plea

OTTAWA - Safeolah Fizeeli pleaded guilty to manslaughter for stabbing Hassan Al-Khazaali with what one witness described as a tire iron at a west-end gas bar in April 2007. (QMI) 

SUV victims identified

CALGARY -  Byron Gray was at the wheel, and his nephew Ryan Gray was in the passenger seat, when a police officer tried to pull the SUV over.    (CTV)   MORE:    Fatal crash  



Guilt plea

TORONTO - Joey Shepherd can’t remember when he savagely knifed his former common-law wife Ayan “Denise” Osman to death at her Rexdale home and then tried to kill himself.  Shepherd attempted suicide by laying across the eastbound lanes of Hwy. 401 near Dixon Rd in the early morning hours of June 29, 2010 while Osman was bleeding to death at her apartment.   (QMI)  


Charges laid

Boyfriend charged

Restraining order didn't work

Hwy reopens after stabbing

Crash may be connected



Picture of domestic violence 

EDMONTON - Police say Jeanne Cathleen Heard's death is considered to be a homicide.  Dwayne Poirier's death has been ruled non-criminal, and the cause of death is also still trying to be determined.  Craig Huber and Brad Winter were also found dead in a house located next door to the one that exploded.  Police say those deaths have been ruled a homicide.  (CTV)


Danger signs

Police treating deaths as suspicious


Retired judge guilty

QUEBEC CITY - Retired Quebec judge Jacques Delisle was found guilty of murdering his disabled wife.  Delisle, 77, is believed to be the first Canadian judge to stand trial for murder. Delisle's wife, 71-year-old Marie-Nicole Rainville, was found dead in the couple's Quebec City condo on Nov. 12, 2009, with a .22-calibre pistol at her side.  


Judge guilty   

Mistress testifies  

Son testifies   

Wife couldn't have shot herself  

Judge on trial for murder

Steps to ensure impartiality

Mercy killing?  

Retired Judge charged  




TORONTO - A woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death was found not guilty of second-degree murder.  Melissa Lewis, 25, admitted fatally stabbing Jermaine Gillespie, 25, while he drove her, their 6-year-old daughter and father in the city’s west end on May 29, 2010. (Toronto Star)  MORE:  Lewis talks about her acquittal   Witness comes forward   Police urge witness   Man stabbed 


HAMILTON - Bill Staples and Rhonda Borelli vanished from their Binbrook farm in January 1998.  The Crown argued they were murdered at the farm.  5 months later their decomposed bodies were found in the back of Bill's pick-up truck in a parking lot near the Toronto airport.  It was 12 more years before Mark Staples was arrested.   (Hamilton Spectator)  PREVIOUS:   Arrest made in 1998 killing  



6 years

BELLEVILLE - Brandon Gray, 26, was sentence in the beating death of Bradley Van Diepen, 27 at a Tweed, Ont., campground in 2010.   (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Charge down graded   Man leaps at son's accused murderer   Beaten to death   Deadly assault

Death a homicide

CALGARY - Anto Slikso was discovered in the 100 block of Panatella View NW.   The 58-year-old was found in a home under construction. It's believed he was in the house painting at the time.   (CTV)   MORE:  Homebuyers find body 



4th person sought

TORONTO -  Detectives say Egbert Boothe, a concert promoter also known as “Jah’b” or “Jahbible,” was at his home on Sheppard Ave W St with two other men when three armed suspects burst in.  During the altercation on the 15th floor balcony, Boothe either jumped, fell or was pushed over the railing to his death.  (CityNews)  


Death a homicide  

Man was murdered  

Mystery woman may be a witness  

Man falls to death during home invasion



Manhunt ends in suicide

TORONTO - Turkish media is reporting Riza Cosa, 29 has ended his own life rather than face justice back in the US for the death of his wife, Winsome Angela Perez, 45, and in Canada for the disappearance of Hatice Corbacioglu, 33, his girlfriend.  (QMI)  PREVIOUS:  Missing in love triangle   Foul play

Gang evidence

TORONTO - Mitchell Celise, 17, was fatally shot in the back on a residential street in Toronto.  A  jury began deliberating to consider whether Lavare Williams, 21, and Chael Mills, 23, were responsible for the brazen May 3, 2010, killing on Winona Dr.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:   Jury convicts   1 arrested, 1 wanted   Victim identified 

Homicide investigation

MELITA - The death of a 65-year-old man in Melita is being investigated as a homicide, said RCMP.  Officers identified the victim as Francis Melvin Renwick, 65.   (CTV)  MORE:  Teen charged   

Suspect arrested

BOLTON - Police have arrested Savario (Sam) Lucia Jr in connection with the murder and dismemberment of Morris Conte.  (CityNews)   MORE:  Man charged  Victim named   Scene a message



Suspect in court

MONTREAL -  Mario Romain, Cinthia Toussaint's ex-boyfriend and the father of her 3-year-old son, was arrested and faces a charge of first degree murder.   (CTV )  MORE:  'Important witness'  

House arrest

BRAMPTON - Makhan Singh Lachhar’s actions were “callous and cowardly” the day he struck and killed Mandeep Bhagtana with his cab and then fled,  (Toronto Star)  PREVIOUS:  Pedestrian dies in hit-and-run




TORONTO - Police now have a suspect in the killing of Rose Liu, a 61-year-old woman who operated a dry cleaning business in Scarborough on May 10.  (CTV)   MORE:  Family speaks   Woman sought

Pregnant shop keeper stabbed

HAMILTON - Elham Dashtirahmatabadi, 31, succumbed to her injuries in hospital.  Police were called to the High Times Book Store at 187 King Street East around 2pm by customers. (CityNews)



15 years

MONCTON - Raymond Joseph White, 65, pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the 1995 deaths of Mary Lou Barnes, 37, and her 12-year-old son Larry William Mills Jr., found dead in their home in British Settlement, on Nov. 6, 1995.   (CBC)  PREVIOUS:   Charged in 1995 double slaying

Suspect in custody

THOMPSON - A 49-year-old man assaulted outside of a Thompson hotel in the afternoon of May 20 had died from his injuries.  Donald Timothy Massan of Thompson was charged with second-degree murder.  (CTV)   MORE:  Assault death

Apparent love triangle

SOMMERFELD - Mounties confirmed Monday that Brandy Lenton, 35, was shot to death in the home she shared with a man, identified by relatives and friends as Jerry Ginter, in Sommerfeld.  The 63-year-old homicide suspect, Melvin John Nickel, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his workplace in nearby Altona later the same day, RCMP said.  (QMI)     MORE:  Suspect left note   Slaying, suicide shock quiet towns  


EDMONTON - Robert James Fletcher, 52, was charged with first-degree murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping and possession of an offensive weapon in connection with a 1981 homicide of 33-year-old Gerdina Kruidbos.  Court of Queen's Bench Justice Doreen Sulyma acquitted Fletcher of those charges.  (CTV)   MORE:  Man acquitted   Fletcher acquitted    Cold case charge    

Rise & fall of an Asian mobster

TORONTO - The body of Quang Lu, a 'dai lo' or gang leader, was pulled out of the water after Toronto homicide detectives were mysteriously led to the spot.  Lu, 47, known as Hak Quai Ming, had humble beginnings as an errand boy for a Vietnamese mob boss in the 1980s. (QMI)

Police ID body

Body missing man

Body in a barrel

Body in barrel identified

2nd murder

TORONTO - Edward Scheniman pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the June 17, 2009, killing of Jimmy Anderson.  He was denied parole 5 times after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the August 1990 killing of fellow drifter Stanley Simon George, 27, in the CN Rail Danforth yard.  (QMI)

Guilty plea

WINNIPEG - Lucy Muthoka, 52, pleaded guilty to two counts of dangerous driving causing death.  On June 29, 2008, two pedestrians, William Halcrow, 57, and James Ross, 58, were killed after being hit by a vehicle at the intersection of Donald St and St. Mary Ave.   (CTV)  

Guilty plea

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE - Jesse Douglas McCullough instead pleaded guilty to dangerous driving causing death and failing to remain at the scene of a collision.  Court heard McCullough was driving a 1989 Ford Mustang with the headlights off about 7pm on Nov. 7, 2008 when he hit 84-year-old Louie Mekkes as he was walking across a Portage la Prairie street.  (QMI)

Suspect surrenders

TORONTO - Sheronnie Thomas, 18, has been charged with first-degree murder.   Devonte Gondwe-Prosper, 15, also known as “Bug-zee,” was shot in the face around 2am when he answered the door of an apartment.  (Toronto Star)  MORE:  And yet another publican ban   Arrest warrant   Warrant issued   Teen shot in doorway

Murder charge

LLOYDMINSTER - RCMP say the charge is in relation to a Jan. 24 house fire in Lloydminster which claimed the life of Irene May Brown, 69.  Police say months of investigation provided them with enough grounds to make an arrest against Nelson Beverly Brown, 69.   (CTV) 

Not criminally responsible

BRAMPTON - Luke Armstrong, 18, pleaded not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder to the April 30, 2010, slaying of his mother Krystina Armstrong, 54, in Caledon, Ont.  (QMI)   PREVIOUS:  Son charged   Woman slain   Woman was murdered



Double murder

PRINCE GEORGE - Micheal James Bartley, 36,  has already been charged with second-degree murder for the killing of Owen Thompson and attempted murder for the stabbing of a 48-year-old woman.  A day after Thompson, a 48-year-old Prince George man, was discovered dead at a farm in the Clear Lake Saw Mill area southwest of the city, RCMP found a second male body in the woods nearby.   (CTV)   MORE: 2nd victim identified  


MONTREAL - A jury has found Whoody Aristilde guilty of the second-degree murder of a rival gang member in St. Leonard in 2007.  Aristilde, 22, was deemed responsible for the death of Gabriel Dominique, 24.  (CTV) 

Murder trial with a twist

Witness claims to be the real killer


Man accused of killing brother

BONNVVILLE - RCMP say the accused, Barry Lyzun, 54,  told officers that his brother had died at their family home after taking his prescribed medication.  Police say their investigation led them to believe the death of Terry Lyzun, 48, was suspicious.   (CTV) 

Beaten with dumbbell

MONTREAL - A 59-year-old Montreal man is dead after he was beaten with a dumbbell in his home on the weekend.  Robert Brassard died overnight from Saturday to Sunday after the vicious attack in his Hochelaga-Maisonneuve home.  (QMI)   MORE:  Man dead after assault  



Family mourns

WINNIPEG- The body of Catherine Gastador, 23, was found inside her condo in the 800-block of Preston Ave by her father.  (CTV)  MORE:   Slain woman filed protection order  

Charges laid

STONY MOUNTAIN - Raymond Gaspard Chartrand, 28, has been charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with the death of Sheldon Anthony McKay in May 2006.   (CTV)

Suspect charged

WINNIPEG - Police have charged Joedy Joseph Lavallee, 27, with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Jordan McIvor, 19.   (CTV)  PREVIOUS:  Man killed

Guilty plea

CRANBROOK - Jonathon Christopher Weisbrodt, 28, changed his plea to guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Bryan Allan Harvey.  (CTV)  


LAVALTRIE - The body of Eric Hamelin,39, and Lucille Martel, 43, have been found.  In all likelihood, Eric Hamelin would have shot his wife before turning the gun toward him. He even shot his dog. (Cyberpresse)  PREVIOUS:  2 bodies found

Charges laid

LEEDS - Gary Douglas, 46, died of head trauma shortly after he was brought to Brockville General Hospital.  Douglas lived at 43 Larue Mills Rd in Leeds, the same address listed for the accused - Louis Johnston.  (CTV)

4 charged

NEWMARKET - Four suspects have been charged after a man was stabbed to death in a fight outside the Coconut Lounge nightclub in Vaughan, Ont.  Roger Samaroo, 26,  of Toronto was one of three men stabbed during the bar fight on March 20.   (CP) PREVIOUS:  1 dead, 2 injured   Stabbing

Guilty plea

WINNIPEG - Darren James Hall pleaded guilty in a fatal incident in which a victim was struck in the head with a bottle in March 2010. The victim, Garth Isfeld, died hours later in hospital.  (CTV)   MORE:  1 more year in jail   Family demands answers   Paramedics parked down the street 

Inmates sentenced to prison

TORONTO - 4 Don Jail inmates found guilty of killing Kevon Phillip 3 years ago will be sent back to jail.   Sentences of 2 to 4 years each for Abdifatah Mohamed, 23; Christopher Fearon, 29; Hussein Nur, 29; and Nathaniel Grant, 28.   (Toronto Star)

3rd man charged

Man charged

Code of silence blow 

Slain inmate faced deportation  

Don Jail victim identified 





TORONTO - An Ontario Superior Court jury has found William Imona-Russel guilty of first-degree murder as charged.  The jury deliberated for just over five hours before finding that the 36-year-old raped and then used a pair of scissors to stab Yasmin Ashareh, 20, to death four years ago.  (Toronto Star)  

$2M court tab  

Prison term   

Victim made fun  

Witness recounts rape, violence  

Arrest in Ashareh murder  


TORONTO - Lamar Skeete, 21, has been found guilty of the first-degree murder of Kenneth Mark, 29.  (CTV)   

Youth sentenced

Man found guilty 


New details emerge

Surveillance footage released 

Police seek 2 suspects

Man shot in Junction




Charges dropped

TORONTO - Andre Daley, 29, died after being shot outside First Choice nightclub. Toronto police originally charged 5 men with first-degree murder and other charges related to the Oct. 18, 2009 shooting.   However Justice Carol Brewer discharged all 5 accused on all charges.  (Toronto Star)  

5 charged

Victim identified

'Like a Western shootout'

Drive-by leaves 1 dead





2 life sentences

NEWMARKET - Christopher Little will have no chance of parole for 25 years following the deaths of Julie Crocker and Paula Menendez.  He will serve two concurrent terms.   Little was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder on Wednesday.   (CityNews)  

2 women murdered, many more casualties

Love-triangle killer gets life

Hubby 'desperate' for love

Partners changed in deadly dance

Bizarre encounters

Scenes from a failed marriage

1 stabbed, the other hanged



3 more arrested

TORONTO - 3 more suspects have been arrested in connection with the 2009 slaying of Christopher Skinner.  Anthony Samuel, 24, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence of aggravated assault and obstructing police.  Nicholas Swaby, 23, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm.  Jamaal Phillips Bond, 23, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm and obstructing police.  (Toronto Star) 


Arrest made

Police make arrest

Driver arrested

Family seeks answers

Murder by SUV

$100K reward

New video  

8 years

TORONTO - Roman Luskin pleaded guilty to 3 counts of criminal negligence causing death in the 2009 incident.  Hon To, 44, her daughter Khan (Christine) Taing and a third passenger were pronounced dead at the scene.  (CBC)

Man charged

Accused a convicted fraudster

Suspect stays in jail

BWM slices minivan in half



Teens get max

WINNIPEG - 5 Winnipeg teens have received the maximum youth sentence of 7 years custody and community supervision for the murder of 17-year-old Frank Green.  Green was beaten and stabbed to death in St. Boniface Cemetery Sept 2009.  All 5 belonged to a group called the Dynamite Crew, a gang with connections to the Bloods.  (QMI)


4 plead guilty  

Jail for 'senseless' killing  

Arrest made  

Grisly graveyard find




New trial ordered

WINNIPEG - The Manitoba Court of Appeal ordered the new trial for Mark Edward Grant, ruling that the trial judge was wrong to deny Grant's lawyer the right to present evidence that Candace Derksen might have been killed by someone else. Derksen was 13 years old when she disappeared on Nov. 30, 1984.   (CBC)

Maximum sentence

Grant confessed, witness alleged   

Details the jury wasn't told     

Expert accused of 'wing it' approach  

Testing destroyed evidence  

Suspect grilled in '84  

Hairs found with girl's body  

Childhood friends testify  

Alive up to 24 hours  



Unsolved part 4

TORONTO - Since the 1960s, some 300 homicides have gone unsolved in Toronto.  In a 4 part series we profile several victims.  (Star)

Site stores the keys to unsolved crimes

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3  

Even a speck of DNA goes a long way

Cases cold but heat's still on



A public shame

WINNIPEG - The young woman with a million-dollar smile was found face down in a ditch July 2, days after being reported missing, yet again, by family. Cherisse Houle, 17, also had haunted, sorrowful eyes that spoke volumes of her life as a teen exploited on the streets. (Free Press)

30 unsolved and counting

Action group

Project disappear

Cherisse would have been 18th

Chronic runaway

2 plead guilty

TORONTO - 2 people have pleaded guilty to the killing of Valencia Russo, whose body was found in the trunk of a car in July 2009.  Juan Antonio Reyes pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and his wife, Laura Rodriguez, pleaded guilty to manslaughter.   (CTV)

Suspects to be extradited

Pair arrested

Mexico wasn't far enough

Teacher's final moments

Suspects identified

Woman found in car trunk



Adult sentence

TORONTO - A judge has decided that the teenage girl convicted in the murder of Stefanie Rengel, 14, must take responsibility for the crime as an adult.   Melissa Todorovic, 17, was sentenced as an adult for first-degree murder.   (CTV)

Life for teen

Gag orders in a Facebook age

Natural born killer

'I can't ever forgive myself'

'I wish I could change everything'

Psychiatric tests ordered for M.T

Police identify victim

'Did you do it 



2 more charged

PICKERING -  The charges come nearly one year after the bodies of Puneet Singh Chhina, 26, of Ottawa, and Harjinder Singh Sandhu, 28, of Brampton, were found shot and beaten in the trunk of a rental car that was abandoned on the side of the road in Pickering, Ont., on May 5, 2009.  Ganesh Singh, 56, of Markham, and Zaki Goffur, 34, of Richmond Hill, are both charged with accessory after the fact to murder.   (CTV) 


2nd man arrested

2nd man charged

Cellphone clue  

Men were targeted  

Victims died as strangers  

Victims identified  



Lover guilty

TORONTO - Nicola Puddicombe was sentenced to life imprisonment after a jury convicted her of first-degree murder for her part in the axe killing of long-time boyfriend Dennis Hoy.  June saw another jury acquit Puddicombe's former lover, Ashleigh Pechaluk, of first-degree murder. (Toronto Star)  

Jury convicts

Trial told of 'confession'

Acquitted suspect had confessed

Not guilty verdict

Accused in axe murder walks free

Accused killer targeted 'fat jerk

Not much love in bizarre triangle



Cousin admits organizing murder

TORONTO - More than 4 years after Glen Davis was ambushed and shot to death in a midtown parking lot, the victim’s cousin admitted to masterminding the murder plot.  Marshall Ross pleaded guilty to first-degree murder  and told the court he was behind the contract killing of his wealthy cousin.  (Toronto Star) 



Guilty plea to reduced charge  

Slain tycoon's company lent suspect money

Public tragedies

Reward offered

Why was Glen Davis a target



BC ranks 4th in Canada for murder

Jailed for murders they didn't commit

Murder on our doorsteps

Women still the more likely victims

Trail leads from drug raid to murders

BC Homicide Statistics - 1999 to 2004

Prime Time Crime

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